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3DS Objects
If you have any 3ds objects you would like me to add then let me know
These files are zipped and between 2kb and 85kb.
How To: how to download and unzip these files

3DS files I made:

Cooking Pan
nice with mirror material type
Triangular Attic Vent
for gable ends
Bowl with Fruit
great on kitchen counters
Trapezoid Window
how to insert it.

fill it up with anything
Brick Edge..
verticle trim for house exteriors
Video Cabinet
a standard size video cabinet
complete with buttons and text

Kitchen Stool
perfect for kitchen counters

©Copyright 2000 Eric Secker

3DS files by Mauro:

quality bathroom cabinets
Cabinet & Shelf Unit
very nice in corners


3DS files by Craig:

Ivy Plant
very useful for decorating
also good water plant flattened


3DS files by 3D Cafe:.....Find more like these at

rippled curtains, shape to fit
resize it to fit most windows
Potted Plant
nice plant, fits well in corners
Big Screen TV
a realistic large TV

Glass Cup
a glass cup for tables
Candy Dish
nice decorative item
Wooden Chair
a more curvy chair
Wood Table
a nice style table

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